Southern Methodist University

For over twenty years, we have used Advanced Reading Skills to enable our Executive MBA students to manage an often overwhelming workload. The long term relationship between the EMBA Program and Advanced Reading Skills has been a valuable benefit for our students. They have found the content useful and a valuable investment of their time and money. I highly recommend anyone that would like to improve their reading skills, efficiency and comprehension to take the Advanced Reading Skills course.

Harvard University
Blake Taggart

Besides helping me to deal with large quantities of reading, ..... I find the quality of my reading vastly improved, too, as a result of the course. I now feel much more confident going into tests that I have had to read for, and when I'm doing the reading, I don't find myself "reading blankly" and having to reread material. This is, I think, one of the great advantages a course like the Advanced Reading Skills has over those "speed reading" courses, it emphasizes improving all reading skills, not just the speed.

Texas Instruments

We have had in excess of 2500 participants in the course in the past few years and employees universally rate the course as outstanding. While your firm guarantees a doubling of the reading/comprehension rates, I feel our increases have been in the 3 to 1 or higher reading/comprehension rates. One does not have to look very far to realize the tremendous productivity gained from these increases.

Monash University, Australia
Louise Robertson - Activities Officer

In these days when one hears dissatisfaction at every turn, it is very refreshing to look back to five years during which you have arranged for your firm to conduct the highly successful Advanced Reading Skills courses throughout the year. It is quite a record to be able to say that in that time we have never received one negative comment about the course content or the tutors, in fact quite the reverse is true as we hear high praise indeed from those who take the course.'